About Us

Profusion is a successful wealth management company providing a first-class service to its clients through the knowledge, experience and commitment of its advisers, which is central to developing and maintaining client relationships that are built on trust, honesty and integrity.


At Profusion we take the time to develop a close working relationship with our clients to create a financial planning solution based upon their personal needs, objectives and priorities, such as keeping a good standard of living in retirement or protecting their wealth for future generations. Financial Planning and Wealth Management requires a much broader involvement with clients than just the provision of financial advice. We utilise the latest forecasting software to assist our clients in understanding how their financial assets may support them in meeting their current and future standard of living aspirations.


We undertake regular reviews to ensure that as a client’s circumstances change our advice is adapted accordingly.


At Profusion Wealth Management Ltd we recognise the client’s aims and objectives are central to their financial planning decisions. We have over 35 years combined experience in the financial services industry with HSBC Bank working within their Commercial and Corporate centres specialising in providing holistic financial advice to their clients.

James Pillinger

James is a highly qualified and experienced Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society which shows his commitment to obtaining and maintaining the depth of knowledge required to provide high quality financial solutions in all aspects of his client’s financial planning needs.


James is also an experienced Pension Transfer Specialist which allows him to provide advice on the suitability of transferring Pension Schemes with safe guarded benefits.

Paul Harman

Paul is a very successful and experienced Financial Planner which is reflected by the many longstanding relationships he has nurtured with his clients. Paul is Diploma qualified and is committed to obtaining and maintaining the level of knowledge required to provide quality financial solutions in all aspects of his client’s financial planning needs. He is well on his way to achieving ‘Chartered’ status from the Personal Finance Society.

Both James and Paul are highly regarded by their clients for their knowledge and expertise which has been reflected with both being listed in the 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers compiled by Vouched For and listed in the Times.